Publications 2015-2016 by TaCS Member

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Fixed Point Theory and Applications20162016:76, DOI: 10.1186/s13663-016-0556-x
(24) >>> Extexsion of Almost Generalized Weakly Contractive Mappings in Rectangular b-matric Spaces and Fixed Point
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*(30)>>>Long-range correlations in the mechanics of small DNA circles under topological stress revealed by multi-scale simulation,Thana Sutthibutpong, Christian Matek, Craig Benham, Gabriel G. Slade,Agnes Noy, Charles Laughton,Jonathan P. K. Doye,Ard A. Louis,and Sarah A. Harris,Nucleic Acids Res. 2016 Nov 2; 44(19): 9121–9130.,Published online 2016 Sep 22. doi:  10.1093/nar/gkw815
(31)>>>T. Supasai,N. Henjongchom,I.-M. Tang,F. Deng,N. Rujisamphan,Compact nanostructured TiO2 deposited by aerosol spray pyrolysis for the hole-blocking layer in a CH3NH3PbI3perovskite solar cell,Solar Energy,Volume 136, 15 October 2016, Pages 515–524.
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(1)>>>Kanokwan Sitthithakerngkiet, Jitsupa Deepho, Juan Martínez-Moreno & Poom Kumam, An iterative approximation scheme for solving a split generalized equilibrium, variational inequalities and fixed point problems,International Journal of Computer Mathematics,Pages 1-23 :Accepted author version posted online: 19 Jan 2017, Published online: 13 Feb 2017