NRU Project by TaCS 2016

Computational Methods and Optimization Algorithms for Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks with Applications to Smart Farming

The objective of this research is to develop efficient techniques to solve the optimization problem of resource allocation and multiple accesses in wireless communication networks. Both infrastructure-based (cellular networks) and distributed wireless networks such wireless sensor networks are considered. In developing these techniques, the constraints on transmission power and frequency usage to access the available spectrum in the network will be taken into account so that the required application performance (e.g., transmission rate) can be achieved. The techniques must obtain a global optimality or an equilibrium point with low complexity that all devices or nodes in the network are satisfied. In the proposal, we are going to use the fixed-point theorem and other mathematical or computation methods as tools to solve the aforementioned problems in wireless networks. To this end, the developed techniques will be applied in a real-world scenario.